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Heartin.tech is the parent website for the learning initiatives of Heartin. Heartin is a senior software engineer, teacher, blogger and have recently got his first book published.

Primary aim of his websites inluding Heartin.tech, CloudMaterials.com and JavaJee.com, is to learn together with friends and students, and keep up with the technology trends and best practices.

Read more about Heartin at Heartin's Bio.


We learn together, do innovations and then document them.

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We connect physically only in Bengaluru currently, but most of our activities happen online. Please follow us here or in social media for more details.
WhatsApp (Primary): (+91) 7411174113
WhatsApp (Secondary): (+91) 7411174114

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About Cloudericks

Team Cloudericks is a community to learn about and master cloud computing. Current learning focus is on AWS cloud.

We believe that knowledge is useless unless you share it; the more you share, the more you learn. Visit Cloudericks.

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