Membership Fee Based Open Learning - Proposal

We can follow a membership-fee based open learning where we can attend any program or course we want to attend, rather than registering for only one course. There should however be a good booking  and course switching mechanism to avoid overcrowded classes.

No initiative can survive without contributions from its users in terms of efforts, money or even spreading the word. This is a proposal for a maintenance fee for the website. This is a minimum contribution proposal, users may contribute more towards the maintenance fund as donations. 

Proposed Structure:

  • Monthly: Rs. 2000

  • Half-yearly: Rs. 7500 (Rs. 1250 per month)

  • Yearly: Rs. 12,600. (Rs. 1050 per month)

To run a completely open lerning program, all the maintenance fee should be used only for maintenance of the website, courses or its subscriptions. Any extra amounted collected per year may be contributed to charity. A record should be always kept regarding the fee collected and how it was used. Better publish it online to avoid any doubts.

Courses may be also taken without subscription, with a pricing as below: 

  • AWS Master class: Rs. 8000

  • Java Master class: Rs. 6000


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