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Better ways to learn - Read, Hear, See, Say, Write, Do and Teach

The NTL Institute at our Bethel had come up with the concept of a learning pyramid with percentage of what people learn through various ways such as Read, Hear, See, Say, Write, Do and Teach etc. There are discussions against and supporting those percentages online. You can get to them in a simple Google search. 

Personally I have felt that effectiveness of learning improves in the following order:

  1. Read (e.g. Reading a book)

Tips for becoming effecting at learning to code

You may follow these tips to effectively learn things.

  1. Write code to learn code.

  2. Try to solve the issues you face while practicing.

  3. If you are not able to solve even after trying, look into similar discussions in Googe search or stack overflow. Even experienced developers use these websites often. You may also check our forums at, and

  4. If you are following a course with an option to ask doubts to an instructor, ask. You may also discuss with friends or coleagues.


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