Better ways to learn - Read, Hear, See, Say, Write, Do and Teach

The NTL Institute at our Bethel had come up with the concept of a learning pyramid with percentage of what people learn through various ways such as Read, Hear, See, Say, Write, Do and Teach etc. There are discussions against and supporting those percentages online. You can get to them in a simple Google search. 

Personally I have felt that effectiveness of learning improves in the following order:

  1. Read (e.g. Reading a book)

  2. Read and hear (e.g. Reading a book aloud). It is said that Abraham Lincon used to read news papers aloud so that he can remember better.

  3. Hear (e.g. Hearing a audio tutorial). 

  4. See (e.g. Seeing a video tutorial). 

  5. See / Read / Hear and write (e.g. Reading a book and writing down notes, Seeing a video tutorial and writing down notes). Even though you do not ever learn from the notes you wrote down, writing down still help you remember those things for a longer time.

  6. See / Read / Hear, write and practice (e.g. Seeing a video tutorial or reading a book, and practicing).

  7. Teach (e.g. After doing one or more of the previous steps, you may try teaching those topics to someone). Teaching is one of my most effective learning techniques. People ask me why I conduct free trainings? Apart from being a way of giving back to the society, it actually helps me learn many topics better. 


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