Database Management Systems - Recorded Lectures (BITS)

This page contains pre-recorded lectures provided by BITS on the topic Database Management Systems as part of Semester 1 (Second Semester 2017-18) for viewing before the live sessions. I use this page as a quick reference for going through the videos without logging into the learning portal. All videos are in YouTube with standard youtube license. 


Module 1: Introduction to Database Management Systems (DBMS) Concepts and Architecture

Recorded Lecture 1.1: What is DBMS

Recorded Lecture 1.2: DBMS concepts


Module 2: Conceptual Database Design (ER Modeling)

Recorded Lecture 2.1: Conceptual Database Design

Recorded Lecture 2.1: Relational Data Model and Relational Constraints

Recorded Lecture 2.1: ER to Relational Mapping


Module 3: Relational Data Model Languages

Recorded Lecture 3.1: Relational Algebra

Recorded Lecture 3.2: Structured Query Language (SQL)

Recorded Lecture 3.3: Structured Query Language (SQL) 2


Module 4: Schema Refinement and Normal Forms

Recorded Lecture 4.1: Schema Refinement - 1

Recorded Lecture 4.2: Schema Refinement - 2


Module 5: Disk Storage, Hashing and Indexing

Recorded Lecture 5.1: Data Storage

Recorded Lecture 5.2: Hashing Techniques

Recorded Lecture 5.3: Indexing - 1

Recorded Lecture 5.3: B+ Tree Indexing


Module 6: Transaction Management and Concurrency C...

Recorded Lecture 6.1: Transaction Processing

Recorded Lecture 6.2: Concurrent Transactions and Schedules

Recorded Lecture 6.3: Concurrency Control


Module 7: Database Recovery

Recorded Lecture 7.1: Database Recovery

Recorded Lecture 7.1.1: Query Optimization

Recorded Lecture 7.1.2: Database Tunning

Recorded Lecture 7.2: Database Security

Recorded Lecture 7.3: Database Design and Usage of UML

Recorded Lecture 7.4: XML - 1 (Extended Markup Language)

Recorded Lecture 7.4.1: XML - 2 (Extended Markup Language)

Recorded Lecture: DBMS course conclusion


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