Course Proposal: AWS Master Course

Modules and topics

  1. AWS Getting Started

    1. Topics:

      1. Cloud computing and AWS Essentials.

      2. IAM, S3 and Security Policies.

    2. Credits: 4

  2. Most Essential DevOps

    1. Topics:

      1. CloudWatch Essentials.

      2. CloudFormation Essentials. 

    2. Credits: 4.

  3. Serverless Web Development

    1. Topics:

      1. Lambda, API Gateway

      2. Dynamo esentials, Cognito essentials, S3 (static web hosting only) and Route 53 (domain registration only).

    2. Credits: 5

  4. Database Essentials

    1. Topics:

      1. DynamoDB

      2. RDS

      3. Elasticsearch

    2. Credits: 5.

  5. Servers and VPCs

    1. Topics:

      1. EC2, EBS, ELB and ECS. 

      2. VPC.

    2. Credits: 5

  6. Advanced Serverless Services

    1. Topics:

      1. Lambda Triggers: All services supported.

    2. Credits: 4

  7. Keys, Certificates and User Management

    1. Topics:

      1. KMS, CloudHSM

      2. AWS Certificate Manager, CloudFront, Route 53.

      3. AWS Cognito.

    2. Credits: 5

  8. Advanced monitoring and compliance

    1. Topics:

      1. CloudWatch.

      2. AWS CloudTrail, Athena.

      3. Inspector, Trusted Advisor, Config.

    2. Credits: 5.

Total Credits: 37

Sessions (=topics): 18 


Fees and Refund Policy

Fee is calculated by assinging a value for the credit. For example, if each credit is given a value of Rs. 400, total fee will be Rs. 14,800 (37 x 400). 

In case student want to stop the course in between, he can get a refund based on the remainig credits for the remaining sessions.


Additional Notes

  1. All modules are not mandatory. 

  2. There may be overlap between modules. May skip topics in such case and credits are adjusted.

  3. There will be more topics than mentioned above through one-off sessions and assignments.

  4. Modules may be mixed and matched for specific certification courses.

  5. If you are a student following this plan, please check with your instructor for the actual credit value. 


This course plan is currenty prepared. Please provide your suggestions as comments including 1) which all modules you would like to atttend (in order), 2) if you would like to see more modules/topics or 3) if you have a better idea for calculating fees or refunds.

Please provide only generic comments about the course plan. Please ask your instructor on anything specific to the course like the fee.



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AWS, Cloud, Databases, Servers and the complete topic given above

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All topics interested

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Interested In all the Topics

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Interested in all the topics.

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Interested in this course


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