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onTue, 06/25/2019 - 07:32

Discard all local changes, but save them for possible re-use later: 

git stash

Discarding local changes (permanently) to a file:

git checkout -- <file>

Discard all local changes to all files permanently: 

git reset --hard

Submitted byheartin
onTue, 06/25/2019 - 07:28

We will discuss about Git and different distributed Git repository hosting services such as GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket. 

You may ask any question you may have about Git or other version control systems as a comment on this page. I will try to add a note for it as soon as possible. Contact us if you do not have the right permissions to comment.

Submitted byheartin
onWed, 06/19/2019 - 09:41

We have all learned about numbers in school. However, since you have not used these terms much over the years some of us might have forgotten some of these. Let us tru to recollect them (if we have forgotten them :) ).




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