Problem executing commands in windows

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Problem executing commands in windows

While running the below command of the recipe 'Building your first API with Lambda integration' of Chapter 2, I am getting an exception.

aws apigateway put-integration \
    --rest-api-id 19sh9qhri2 \
    --resource-id n9iev1 \
    --http-method GET \
    --type AWS \
    --integration-http-method POST \
    --uri 'arn:aws:apigateway:us-east-1:lambda:path/2015-03-31/functions/arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:<account_id>:function:lambda-for-api-gateway/invocations' \
    --request-templates '{"application/json": "{\"name\": \"$input.params('"'"'name'"'"')\" , \"time\": \"$input.params('"'"'time'"'"')\"}"}' \
    --region us-east-1 \
    --profile admin


Exception is 

Unknown options: ,, "time":, "$input.params('''time''')"}}' ^, "$input.params('''name''')"

Add Proper escape characters

Please add correct escape characters specific to windows so that the final velocity mapping template for api gateway is below


Getting another error after addingescape characters

I tried below value for request template

 --request-templates {\"application/json\":{\"name\":\"$input.params(name)\",\"time\":\"$input.params(time)\"}}

But got the exception 

Invalid type for parameter requestTemplates.application/json, value: OrderedDict([('name', '$input.params(name)'), ('time', '$input.params(time)')]), type: <class 'collections.OrderedDict'>, valid types: <class 'str'>

Tried mulitple options. Either getting above error or the first Unknown exception error.

Windows specific command

Please use the below line for request template

--request-templates {\"application/json\":\"{\\\"name\\\":\\\"$input.params('name')\\\",\\\"time\\\":\\\"$input.params('time')\\\"}\"} 

Multiple escape characters are required because params should be in single quote for velocity template and while running the commands you will see below console output

    "type": "AWS",
    "httpMethod": "POST",
    "uri": "arn:aws:apigateway:us-east-1:lambda:path/2015-03-31/functions/arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:<account-id>:function:<lamda-function-name>/invocations",
    "requestTemplates": {
        "application/json": "{\"name\":\"$input.params('name')\",\"time\":\"$input.params('time')\"}"
    "passthroughBehavior": "WHEN_NO_MATCH",
    "timeoutInMillis": 29000,
    "cacheNamespace": "eux3cn",
    "cacheKeyParameters": []

This will create correct velocity template for api-gateway


It worked, Thanks a ton!

It worked, Thanks a ton!

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