Free Training and Part Time Work for Deserving Students and Job Seekers

We believe that education should be free to all. All governments should start allocating more money towards education. We will not be able to provide free education to the whole nation or world now, but we are trying to start with our small effort with this program.

Phase 1: Free Training and part time work in Bangalore

In phase 1, we will provide career guidance and free technology training to any deserving computer graduates or aspiring computer graduates. We will provide free training on programming languages, databases and cloud computing. Currently we focus on Java, AWS Cloud and various SQL and NoSQL databases.

Future Plans

  • Phase 2: Free Training and part time work in Karnataka

  • Phase 3: Free Training and part time work in Karnataka and Kerala.

  • Phase 4: Free Training and part time work in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telengana and Andhra.

  • Phase 5: Free Training and part time work in all states within India.

  • Phase 6: Free Training in India, US, UK and Canada.

  • Phase 7: Free Training in whole of the world. 

We know there is a long way to go, but want to start at something. 

If you are interested in this program or need more info please comment on this page or contact us using the contact form or WhatsApp numbers. If you know a deserving person, please share this with them.


We learn together, do innovations and then document them.

Offline Contact
We connect physically only in Bengaluru currently, but most of our activities happen online. Please follow us here or in social media for more details.
WhatsApp (Primary): (+91) 7411174113
WhatsApp (Secondary): (+91) 7411174114

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About Cloudericks

Team Cloudericks is a community to learn about and master cloud computing. Current learning focus is on AWS cloud.

We believe that knowledge is useless unless you share it; the more you share, the more you learn. Visit Cloudericks.

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